Trump is pushing ahead with the construction of a frontier wall to Mexico

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The 45th US President is planning one of the world's largest construction projects on the border with Mexico. Experts estimate the costs up to $ 20 billion. The logistical requirements for a project of this magnitude are enormous.

In addition to building materials, construction work must also be paid for. The land question must be resolved legally, if expropriations should not determine the Polish climate. Geographical obstacles must be overcome. These include extensive deserts with dunes, impassable mountain ranges and other landmarks as well as rivers and streams that run along the border to and from Mexico. In some cases, it is also possible to interfere with nature conservation areas.

The basis for the decision are criteria as claimed by the Ministry of Homeland Security and for which federal funds are made available. The new US president had shown the wall construction as a necessary defensive device in his election campaign in order to reduce the number of refugees to the USA.

So far, only rough estimates are foreseeable how expensive the wall will be on the several thousand-mile-long southern border with Mexico at all. A few million dollars would have to be paid for the construction of sections alone. Add neatly developed roads, which are necessarily required to control the border strip. Last but not least, there is maintenance, the two latter expenses have not yet been included in these considerations.

Trump is also planning to make legal migration to the US more difficult. It is expected that asylum law for people from Muslim countries will dramatically increase. Already in the election campaign he had proclaimed these intentions. Above all, refugees from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya would be affected. Human rights organizations criticize the plans with vehemence.

A current meeting between Mexico's President Enrique Peņa Nieto and Trump was in preparation. Nieto had finally turned against the opinion of Trumps. In a public appearance in early January, he said, "Mexico will not pay the wall, of course."

Various ways can be taken to move the neighboring country to the cost. For example, there is a threat of punitive charges on Mexican goods, which is why the investment plans of the big cars are thrown together. There are fears that industry and industry simply turn import tariffs on consumers, which leads to considerable price increases for products and goods at the end customer. Large car companies like Ford, Chrysler or GM are to return to the USA. In the long run, however, it is assumed that the import duties and return costs of the economy are more harmful than they use.

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