Eleven high-rise buildings fail fire safety tests

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Eleven high-rise buildings fitted with combustible cladding have failed fire safety checks the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed.

The eleven effected buildings are situated in eight local authority areas. The news follows Prime Minister, Theresa May’s announcement that tests are being undertaken on around 600 high rises across England to check if the cladding is safe.

The cladding on the outside of Grenfell Tower is thought to have played a significant role in the speed of which the fire engulfed the building resulting in at least 79 people losing their lives.

Mrs May told Parliament that local authorities and fire services were “taking all possible steps” to ensure the towers are safe as 100 high-rise buildings are being tested a day.

She said: “The House should of course be careful in speculating on what caused this fire but as a precaution the government has arranged to test cladding in all relevant tower blocks.

“Shortly before I came to this chamber I was informed that a number of these tests have come back as combustible. The relevant local authorities and fire authorities have been informed and as I speak they are taking all possible steps to ensure the buildings are safe and to inform affected residents.

“Landlords have a legal obligation to provide safe buildings. And if they cannot do that, we expect alternative accommodation to be provided. We cannot and will not expect people to live in unsafe homes.”


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June 29, 2017