Urban commons, meeting places and sharing economy

Release: Kjellander Sjöberg

What do we need to build apart from housing? What creates an identity, local involvement and a sense of belonging in an urban neighbourhood?

The exhibition Commoning Kits at Form/Design Center in Malmö showcases 15 examples of how new meeting places can be created to generate and kick-start qualitative development and community in an urban district.

The exhibition is a dialogue process and an investigation presenting innovative prototypes - toolkits

- designed to be used in different settings and cities, based on desired needs.
Behind the proposals are some of the Scandinavia’s most creative architectural offices:

Arrhov Frick Dyvik Kahlen Eriksen Skajaa Förstberg Ling
In Praise of Shadows Krupinski / Krupinska Lenschow & Pihlmann Leth & Gori Marge, Nilson Rahm Norell/Rodhe Rintala Eggertson Sted
Vardehaugen + AHAA


Krupinski Krupinska


Commoning Kits highlights the components needed in a vibrant city – recreation, education, urban farming, flourishment, play, sport and local democracy.

The focal point of the exhibition is how new forms of utilization, urban commons and shared economy can be established and used as forces for improved democracy, quality of life and inclusion.

As new housing is being planned and developed throughout Sweden, a growing insight into new components and approaches needed to be developed in order to offer a vibrant city with variation, inviting urban spaces and social possibilities – for meetings, culture, spontaneity and flourishment.

What meeting places are needed and which ones are missing? What makes an urban space or an urban environment open and inviting? Should those be planned from above or grass-root initiated? Who is responsible for the financing and implementation?

The point of departure for this exploration is the development of Sege Park, which will become a´new hub in Malmö with the ambition to be a showcase for social and sustainable urban development. Commoning Kits offers several opportunities for open Think Tanks and further discussions about
the city.



Leth Gori


The discussion and exhibition is a collaboration between Kjellander Sjöberg, Malmö Form/Design Center and Malmö City.

Welcome to a discussion about Commoning Kits!

Place: Form/Design Center, Malmö
Exhibition opens 6th September – 10th October 2017
Initiative and idea: Kjellander Sjöberg
Curator: Stefan Sjöberg
Exhibition designer: Kjellander Sjöberg

Marge Arkitekter

Lenschow Pihlmann



Kulturexpress   ISSN 1862-1996


July 12, 2017