Nominees announced for the world’s largest award for children and young adult literature 2018

Release: Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

  Illustration: Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Next year, 235 candidates from 60 countries will be in the running for the world’s largest and most prestigious children’s literature award, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. This was announced on Thursday Oct. 12 by ALMA jury chairman Professor Boel Westin at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

“The nomination list is a gold mine for anyone interested in international children’s and YA literature. I hope that this list will be spread and used in all possible situations concerning reading and storytelling.” says professor Boel Westin after making the announcement.

More than hundred nominating bodies worldwide have proposed candidates for the 2018 award. This time, the jury has 235 candidates from 60 countries to consider. All continents are represented among the nominated writers, illustrators, reading promoters and storytellers. Many candidates are re-nominated, but this year’s list also includes 40 new names. United Kingdom has the highest number of nominees. New countries to enter the nomination list are Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Antigua and Barbuda.

So far, seventeen laureates have received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA). The latest recipient is the German illustrator Wolf Erlbruch, who exclaimed “Oh dear” when he got the call from the jury earlier this spring. The award rewards works or activities of the highest quality but the laureates must also embrace the humanistic values that Astrid Lindgren treasured.

“The jury now has the hard but very pleasant and rewarding job of finding one or more laureates for 2018. We have meetings once a month and between meetings we read piles of books and documents. I look forward to learn more about the works and the activities of the candidates.” says Boel Westin.

The laureate or laureates of the 2018 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award will be announced in Stockholm and Bologna immediately following the jury’s final meeting on March 27 of next year.

The nomination event is a co-operation with the Frankfurt Book Fair and took place at the Kids Stage (Hall 3.0 K 139).

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) is the world's largest award for children's and young adult literature. The award, which amounts to SEK 5 million, is given annually to a single laureate or to several. Authors, illustrators, oral storytellers and reading promoters are eligible. The award is designed to promote interest in children's and young adult literature. The UN convention of rights of the child is the foundation of our work. An expert jury selects the laureate(s) from candidates nominated by institutions and organisations all over the world. The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award was founded by the Swedish government in 2002 and is administrated by the Swedish Arts Council.

Candidates 2018
235 candidates from 60 countries are nominated to the 2018 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The candidates were presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 12, 2017. The list below is a gold mine for anyone interested in children's and YA literature. Enjoy!

Antigua och Barbuda
Hillhouse, Joanne C. Author /Promoter of reading

Abuelas Cuentacuentos Organisation
Andruetto, Maria Teresa Author
CEDILIJ Organisation
Luján, Jorge Author
Schritter, Istvansch Illustrator

Abdel-Fattah, Randa Author
Blackman, Malorie Author
Dubosarsky, Ursula Author
Fox, Mem Author
Gleitzman, Morris Author
Gordon, Gus Author/Illustrator
Indigenous Literacy Foundation Organisation
Ingpen, Robert Illustrator
Lanagan, Margo Author
Murray, Kirsty Author
Wild, Margaret Author

Welsh-Rabady, Renate Author
Zwerger, Lisbeth Illustrator

Amanova, Solmaz Author
Huseynov, Arif Illustrator
Isabayli, Gasham Author

Cneut, Carll Illustrator
Herbauts, Anne Author/Illustrator
Moeyaert, Bart Author
Rascal Author
Wabbes, Marie Author/Illustrator
Verplancke, Klaas Author/Illustrator

Biblioteca Th’uruchapitas Organisation

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hasić, Zejćir Author
Jurić, Sonja Author

Machado, Ana Maria Author
Mello, Roger Author/Illustrator

Samuilov, Viktor Author
Spiridonova, Julia Author
Zidarov, Lyuben Illustrator

Ellis, Deborah Author
Ellis, Sarah Author
Hébert, Marie-Francine Author

Zhilu, Zhang Author

Huseinović, Andrea Petrlik Illustrator
Read to me! Organisation

Pyliotou, Maria Author

Czech Republic
Nikl, Petr Author/Illustrator

Aakeson, Kim Fupz Author
Brřgger, Lilian Illustrator
Jensen, Louis Author
Pardi, Charlotte Illustrator

Pervik, Aino Author
Raud, Piret Author
Saar, Ulla Illustrator

Bondestam, Linda Illustrator
Etana Editions Organisation
Louhi, Kristiina Illustrator
Maijala, Marika Author/Illustrator
Parvela, Timo Author
Turtschaninoff, Maria Author
Vasko, Anne Author/Illustrator

A.C.C.E.S. Organisation
Chaud, Benjamin Author/Illustrator
Douzou, Olivier Author/Illustrator
Fombelle, Timothée de Author
Lacombe, Benjamin Illustrator
Les Doigts qui ręvent Organisation
Mourlevat, Jean-Claude Author
Murail, Marie-Aude Author
Patte, Genevičve Promoter of reading
Satrapi, Marjane Author/Illustrator
Sfar, Joann Author/Illustrator

Guleuri, Vasil Author
Petriashvili, Guram Author
Topuria, Tea Author

Budde, Nadia Author/Illustrator
Funke, Cornelia Author/Illustrator
Heidelbach, Nikolaus Illustrator
International Youth Library Organisation
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft Organisation
Muggenthaler, Eva Author/Illustrator
Pressler, Mirjam Author

Iliopoulos, Vagelis Author/Promoter of reading
Library4all Organisation
National Library of Greece Organisation
Pateraki, Yolanda Author
Trivizas, Eugene Author

Rosing-Asvid, Naja Author/Illustrator
Therkildsen, Lene Promoter of reading

Csukas, Istvan Author
Mesemuzeum (The Hungarian Fairy Tale and Story Museum) Organisation
Lackfi, János Author
Tóth, Krisztina Author

Áslaug Jónsdóttir Author/Illustrator
Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir Author
Ćvar Ţór Benediktsson Promoter of reading

A & A Book Trust Organisation
Katha Organisation
Pratham Books Organisation

Bunanta, Murti Promoter of reading

Children's Book Council Organisation
Hadi Mohammadi, Mohammad Promoter of reading
Hasanzadeh, Farhad Author
Mesghali, Farshid Illustrator
Mobile Library in Iran Organisation
Mohammadi, Narges Illustrator
Moradi Kermani, Houshang Author
Read with me Organisation

Judge, Chris Author
Lynch, PJ Illustrator

Modan, Rutu Author/Illustrator

Alemagna, Beatrice Author/Illustrator
Cooperativa Culturale Giannino Stoppani Organisation
Lampedusa Library Organisation
Masini, Beatrice Author
Negrin, Fabian Illustrator
Tullio Altan, Francesco Illustrator

Komagata, Katsumi Author/Illustrator
Matsuoka, Kyoko Promoter of reading

Republic of Korea
Baek, Heena Illustrator
Uk-Bae, Lee Illustrator

Paegle, Anita Illustrator
Petersons, Reinis Illustrator

Kasparavičius, Kestutis Author/Illustrator

Suzán Prone, Gerardo Illustrator

Kršenković Brković, Dragana Author

De schoolschrijver Organisation
Dematons, Charlotte Illustrator
Gestel, Peter van Author
Jonge, Harm de Author
Leeuwen, Joke van Author/Illustrator
Samson, Gideon Author
Tellegen, Toon Author
Tjong-Khing, Thé Illustrator
Weve, Sylvia Illustrator

German Nicaraguan Library and the Bibliobús Bertolt Brecht Organisation

Aisato, Lisa Illustrator
Ask, Lene Illustrator
Belsvik, Rune Author
Dahle, Gro Author
Eeg, Harald Rosenlřw Author
Ekman, Fam Author/Illustrator
Fiske, Anna Author/Illustrator
Foreningen Laes Organisation
Hole, Stian Author/Illustrator
Kaldhol, Marit Author
Nyhus, Svein Author/Illustrator
Rřrvik, Bjřrn Author
Torseter, Řyvind Illustrator

Nimr, Sonia Author

Eslava, Jorge Author

Almario, Virgilio Senadren Author
Sta. Romana Cruz, Neni Promoter of reading

All of Poland Reads to Kids Organisation
Cieślak, Ola Illustrator
Pawlak, Paweł Illustrator
Szczygielski, Marcin Author
Wilkón, Józef Illustrator

Andante Organisation
Gonzalez, Maria Teresa Maia Author
Letria, André Illustrator

Damaschin Popa, Stela Illustrator
Dobrescu, Irina Illustrator
Neacsu, Veronica Illustrator

Russian Federation
Arkhipova, Anastasia Illustrator
Dashevskaya, Nina Author
Desnitskaya, Anna Illustrator
Russian State Children’s Library Organisation
Traugot, Alexander Illustrator

Ršumović, Ljubivoje Author

Rozman Roza, Andrej Author
Škerl, Peter Illustrator

South Africa
Biblionef Organisation
Daly, Niki Author/Illustrator
Mhlope, Gcina Author/Oral storyteller/Promoter of reading
Naidoo, Beverley Author

Gómez Cerdá, Alfredo Author
Odriozola, Elena Illustrator

Eriksson, Eva Illustrator
Hellgren, Johanna Illustrator
Lindenbaum, Pija Author/Illustrator
Lindström, Eva Author/Illustrator
Tidholm, Anna Clara Illustrator
Tidholm, Thomas Author
Torudd, Cecilia Author/Illustrator
Wegelius, Jakob Author/Illustrator
Wikland, Ilon Illustrator
Zak, Monica Author

Albertine Illustrator
Hohler, Franz Author

Liao, Jimmy Author/Illustrator

Çocuk Vakfı (Children's Foundation) Organisation
Erdoğan, Fatih Author/Promoter of reading

Lavro, Kost Illustrator
Menzatiuk, Zirka Author

United Arab Emirates
Al Musallam, Abdulaziz Author

United Kingdom
Ahlberg, Allan Author
Almond, David Author
Blake, Quentin Illustrator
Book Aid International Organisation
Chambers, Aidan Author
Chambers, Aidan & Nancy Promoters of reading
Child, Lauren Author/Illustrator
Fanelli, Sara Author/Illustrator
Foreman, Michael Author/Illustrator
Gaiman, Neil Author
Gardner, Sally Author/Illustrator
Hahn, Daniel Promoter of reading
Hughes, Shirley Author/Illustrator
Laird, Elizabeth Author
Magorian, Michelle Author
Meek Spencer, Margaret Promoter of reading
Morden, Daniel Oral storyteller
Morpurgo, Michael Author
Ness, Patrick Author
Pearson, Luke Author/Illustrator
Pienkowski, Jan Illustrator
Riddell, Chris Illustrator
Sedgwick, Marcus Author
Shelley, John Illustrator

United States
Anderson, Laurie Halse Author
Bányai, István Illustrator
Blume, Judy Author
Carle, Eric Author/Illustrator
Children's Literature New England (CLNE) & The Examined Life (EXL) Organisation
Dezsö, Andrea Illustrator
Friends of African Village Library (FAVL) Organisation
Kalman, Maira Author/Illustrator
Krashen, Stephen Promoter of reading
Le Guin, Ursula Author
Maguire, Gregory Author/Promoter of reading
Neighborhood Bridges Organisation
Pellowski, Anne Oral storyteller
Room to Read Organisation
Shihab Nye, Naomi Author
Taylor, Mildred Author
Woodson, Jacqueline Author

Lubuto Library Partners Organisation


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