KS wins competition for Söderstadion

Release: Kjellander Sjöberg, Stockholm


Kjellander Sjöberg has, in team with Wallenstam, Åke Sundvall, Castellum and White architects, won the competition for the future development of Söderstadion in Stockholm with the proposal “Söderhov”.

The vision is to create an integrated urban district near the Globe Arena, that offers both a local urban vibe and memorable experiences. A natural place for people to meet and socialize and a visitor destination with a wide range of food, music and sports. The proposal, that contains a new park and constitutes a vibrant, urban edge toward the Globen square, aims at generating new meeting places and social community. Söderhov becomes a city district for both residents and businesses in a dynamic relation to the existing city fabric and the emerging area Slakthusområdet. The land transfer competition, launched by the City of Stockholm contains approximately 800 apartments as well as businesses with offices, hotels and centrally located amenities.






Kulturexpress   ISSN 1862-1996


November 26, 2017