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A narrow ribbon, a current city guide through Bern and the surrounding area. Anyone who knows Switzerland will be pleased. The contributions are tight and are suitable for reading on the go. Whether it's on the train or anywhere else in a place that offers short times. Short reading for the interested, who wants to acquire local knowledge in a rush. Expiry date with it, because the stock does not last long, the changes are too fast-moving also in Bern.

Nature mixes with urban landscape. The river, the Aare, forms the natural course through Bern and makes city life throb. Even the publisher's own Zytglogge bookstore receives due mention with contribution and photo, if this is not self-promotion - but the reader is rewarded with Berngerman. The "Chäshütte" is located at the corner of Rathausgasse and Brunngasse. The brothers Bärfuss took over the business with Fonduerestaurant 2014, more is not to be found out on one side, further depends on the activities, either to go there directly or to take a look outside when driving by on the shop with its vaulted cellar. The same goes for the culinary restaurant Steinhalle near the Sternenmarkt in a side wing of the Historical Museum. The picture on the book cover provides insight into its premises.

Anyway, this is an insider guide who comes up with surprise effects. Posts are all numbered to give a clue when finding a post with a headline and a photo. Encouraging positive memories - the picture next to the text also serves as an eye-catcher. In this respect, the ribbon really has something to do with advertising. Here, an attempt is made to give the city of Bern a lively image, which allows readers to act. Small indexes on each page, at the top of the corner, indicate what kind of shop or business it is, what the description was used for. Here the Insider Guide also proves to be a reference book.

It says on the back cover, the city of Bern plays only a minor role in Swiss city tourism. Wrong, as it is emphasized. Mirko Beetschen and Stéphane Houlmann lead through a Bern that is cosmopolitan. Photographs by Lorenz Cugini and the many views with city map details complete the extensive picture. The voyage of discovery can begin. Here you will find no old-fashioned arrogance, which is given to the best, but a lively bright Bern is presented, in which tourists and friends of this city fall in love easily.

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Bern Insider Guide
by Mirko Beetschen and Stéphane Houlmann
Zytglogge Verlag, Bern
German and English
1st edition, 2019
168 pages, 70 ill.
Format: 11 x 17 x 1.7 cm
ISBN: 978-3-7296-5008-4


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October 1, 2019