Ukraine Will Celebrate Its Independence Day by Raving in Vilnius

As the war is still in full force in Ukraine, the country is unable to celebrate Independence Day on August 24th. For this reason, the Lithuanian capital Vilnius has stepped up to host a rave. Headlined by the world-famous Ukrainian DJ duo ARTBAT, the rave will include several large-scale concerts and a multidisciplinary art project.



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Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has been helping the country and its people in a number of ways: humanitarian and financial aid missions, support initiatives, and housing the war refugees. Now the city has once again come to aid Ukraine in celebrating its Independence Day on August 24th.

While Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is still under curfew due to constant attacks, large events are not possible. Therefore Vilnius has stepped up and offered to organize an Independence Day rave in the city center on August 24th, with world-famous Ukrainian melodic techno DJs ARTBAT leading the celebrations.

One of the solidarity concerts for the rave will be held on the meadow by the White Bridge, where famous Ukrainian DJs will invite Vilnius residents and guests to express support for their country. Guest DJs Miss Monique and 8kays will be hyping up the audience and later giving up the stage for DJs ARTBAT.

“As we were striving for freedom for a long time, we understand perfectly well the importance of Independence Day for Ukrainians this year. They have been fighting for half a year for the right to be citizens of a free and independent country. The Ukrainian courage and resolution inspire us all, and the least we can do is to keep providing any possible support to them,” said Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius.

Throughout the rave, “Music Saves UA,” a fund established by the Ukrainian Association of Music Events, will collect humanitarian aid for the victims of the war.

“I am very happy to see so many people supporting Ukrainians in Lithuania. It is a real sign of friendship between the nations. Although this year we commemorate the occasion in Lithuania, I hope to celebrate our independence together next year in Kyiv,” commented Oleksandr Sanchenko, Rada member and founder of the Fund “Music Saves UA.”

Later on the same day, Lithuanian and Ukrainian performers will hold a free concert in Vilnius Town Hall Square. The performers include the Lithuanian band “Thundertale,” the Ukrainian band “Taruta,” and the international men’s choir “Unia” (artistic director Pavel Gonca).


The final show, a multidisciplinary art project “Walls Have Ears,” will wrap up the festivities with a modern video and musical interpretation of the classical Ukrainian works “Flowers and Gunpowder.

The Lithuanian musicians—piano player Darius Mažintas and drummer Adas Gecevičius— together with the French bassist, composer, and vocalist Ieva Barbora Juozapaitytė are going to modernize the interpretation of the well-known works of the Ukrainian composers and present them to the audience in a new light.

Video artist Andrius Seliuta is preparing a special premiere for the event. He will use the documentary images from the war zone to revive the realia of the neighboring country and the memory of people in his own particular manner—by turning the walls of the building of the Town Hall into a special window to Ukraine.

During the concert, a visual artist Vytautas Žarnauskas is going to create a colorful video installation so that modern technologies would grant a new image to the stiff and conservative space. The installation will be the highlight of the rave and a surprise gift to the attendees.

Release: Lina Jarockytė, Account Manager, Blue Oceans PR, Vilnius, Lithuania






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August 22, 2022