The Carnival of the Dinosaurs (A Musical Fairy Tale) by Tom Woods

Once upon a time there was a beautiful queen, Tyrannosaurus Regina, who ruled over all the dinosaurs, they are terrible lizards... This wonderful story is told and played by Rachel Teear (narrator), Freddy Kempf (piano) and Natalia Woods (piano) ...but everyone adored her and obeyed her every word; anyone who made derogatory comments was eaten for breakfast. So she decided to send out spies on the occasion of her birthday party so that no one would prepare a rebellion. Because no one else would go undetected, she sent out a mosquito to find the Brontosaurus. Which is no easy feat simply because of the extraordinary difference in size. Dinosaurs that can fly are the hardest to control, which is why the queen couldn't catch them. In comparison to this fable, Aesop's animal fables always provide an opportunity to relate the existing conditions to the present, not least to covertly point out grievances. The only question is, who is playing the dinosaur here? But it's probably more about defending a kingdom than about attacking and provoking foreign territories. In this respect, all the dinosaurs always keep to themselves and embody their existence musically in order to wrest a piece of the general light-heartedness. However, the story cannot do without real superlatives, for example when it talks about the entire history of dinosaurs. What remains at the end should not be revealed; it is genuine enthusiasm for the musical experience and fiery temperament that inspires children and adults alike.




The graphic designer Peter Engel illustrated the great musical motifs for the booklet.


Thomas J. Woods is an Australian composer and conductor. Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1969 to Australian parents he spent his childhood in Perth, Western Australia. He studied cello, piano and conducting and completed a BMus in Conducting at the West Australian Conservatorium of Music. He studied conducting at the Gnessin Institute, Moscow, with Vladimir Ponkin 1989-1990 and has a PhD from the University of Sydney. One of Australia’s most experienced operatic conductors he has conducted hundreds of performances for Opera Australia over more than twenty years. Since 2014 he has lived in Regensburg, Bavaria, where he conducts for Theater Regensburg. He has composed numerous works including "The Carnival of the Dinosaurs".


CD Programme / Tracklist:

Thomas J. Woods: "The Carnival of the Dinosaurs"
A musical fairytale

01: Introduction
02: Brontosaurus
03: Stegosauruses
04: Triceratops and Ankylosaurus
05: Pterodactyl
06: Velociraptors
07: Tyrannosaurus Regina

CD Album: First release & premiere recording!

Detailed CD booklet includes further info (bios, photos, etc.)
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